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Configure Cassette to Bundle Twitter Bootstrap Javascript

πŸ“… April 15, 2013 ⏱ 1 min read

I originally thought bundling the Bootstrap javascript would be as easy as adding the folder to a Cassette bundle. There was one problem - there is a dependency between bootstrap-popover.js and bootstrap-tooltip.js - and I do not want to modify the original Bootstrap files.

I have used a creative approach to add the dependency - using the cool customize bundles lamba in the Cassette bundle configuration. I use a Linq query to locate the assets in question, and I manually add a reference in code. It’s really cool that Cassette allows you to get β€œlow” level like this!

public class CassetteBundleConfiguration : IConfiguration<BundleCollection>
    public void Configure(BundleCollection bundles)
            "Content/bootstrap/js", //relative path to your bootstrap js files
            new FileSearch() 
                SearchOption = SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly, 
                Pattern = "*.js"
            bundle => 
                var tooltipJs = bundle.Assets.Single(a => a.Path

                var popoverJs = bundle.Assets.Single(a => a.Path

                popoverJs.AddReference(tooltipJs.Path, 1);

Looking for how to configure Cassette to bundle the Bootstrap LESS stylesheets? There are instructions here and although they are for Cassette 1.0, it still works the same.

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